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How to Get on Radio Stations For Unsigned Artists

Unsigned artists often wonder how to get on Radio Stations.


Well, there are a few ways to get heard on the radio. Most of these stations are small, and independent, but they can be just as supportive. Furthermore, these smaller stations are more likely to feature new and emerging talent than the big public radio stations. You can also submit your music directly to the station, as long as they have room on their playlists for unsigned artists.

First, you should find the contact information of the person in charge of rotations. The music director of a larger station should be your first point of contact. This individual can be the music director, a DJ, or a program director. However, smaller radio stations may not have that many employees and you should use a generic email address. For these radios, the music director's name should be included in the email.

The second step in submitting your music to radio stations is to send promotional CDs or a link to your music or both to program directors. Ensure that you mail out as many promo CDs as possible to each program director. Follow up by sending out a confirmation email and asking for feedback. Be realistic in your expectations, but remember that this can pay off when you start getting some airplay. In the meantime, you can enjoy the benefits of being heard by the radio